Dealer Spike



Dealer Spike is a world-wide digital advertising company focused on helping dealers increase sales and service profitability through online digital advertising and training. They provide beautiful, powerful, distinctive web solutions and tools to hundreds of dealers worldwide. Their expertise comes from real-world dealership experience and a passion for listening and responding to dealers' needs in the marketplace. Dealer Spike is focused on helping dealers drive more traffic to the showroom, phone, and internet for less cost.

Dealer Spike worked with Hyphn, LRS Architects & Perlo Construction to create a fun and youthful space that allowed for their people to work in the most productive way. Through an understanding of what Dealer Spike was trying to accomplish for their brand, culture, and their people, Hyphn was able to assist in creating a workplace that breeds creativity and collaboration and housed a team of high-energy professionals. Hyphn was engaged early in the process and advised on preliminary tenant improvement budgets, construction schedules and also connections to other vendor partners required to complete the project.


Their Goals

  • Create a plan that allows for high growth

  • Provide spaces for relaxation & fun

  • Meet the unique needs of a variety of different teams

Nothing but praise for this company and the team I have been working with! Hyphn is an endless source of information and resources and has really put a lot of effort into helping me through our office relocation project! The people at Hyphn are seriously the dream team and I would be completely lost without them!

They are true professionals and have so much experience and knowledge, I know that I am in good hands with them. They are honest and straightforward with me and our business meetings feel more like hanging out with friends— truly fantastic people!
— -Sarah MaGinnis, Project Manager - Dealer Spike


By working together to reach a common goal, Dealer Spike, Perlo, LRS Architects, and Hyphn were able to create an office that gives their people the functionality they need to collaborate and have fun at the office, but still work hard and complete their work effectively.

During the process of creating their new space, Dealer Spike and Hyphn built a strong relationship which has continued after the project and as Dealer Spike continues to grow.



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