Finastra Software Solutions



In 2017, Misys and D+H combined forces to create Finastra—one of the world's leading banking technology firms. This remarkable team builds and deploys next-generation technology that offers solutions to myriad aspects of the finance industry. Their footprint is global and they employ over 10,000 people that work to serve over 9,000 customers, 48 of which rank among the top 50 globally.

This powerhouse company is headquartered in Canada and their flagship office reflects their influential brand. But their Portland office was a mix of old high panels, and felt lackluster in comparison. We were ecstatic to hop on board along with SRM, Stratus, and Hit Play to help create a new space that is as flexible, compelling, and inspired as they are.


Their Goals

  • Match aesthetic quality of Canadian headquarters
  • Work in collaboration with Hyphn + partners
  • Increase employee engagement
[We love that] the space allows for all kinds of work—heads-down individual work, small groups, large meetings, remote work, touch down spaces for executives, and large casual gatherings.
— nadeem syed, Chief Executive Officer


The most notable result of the redesign was a shift in employee retention. "We are able to attract and retain a pool of talent that was previously turned off by the feeling that the office in Portland didn't represent them," says CEO Nadeem Syed. Though the design process was long, a collaborative vision came to fruition that allows people to at once feel welcome and have places to do private work.



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