NKT Photonics



NKT Photonics operates primarily within the imaging, sensing, and material processing landscapes, bringing high-performance fiber lasers, fiber optic sensing systems, and photonic crystal fibers to far-reaching corners of the globe and beyond. From the ocean floor to space, NKT Photonics collaborates with and empowers companies that are changing the world. 

For over 15 years, NKT Photonics has been setting new standard for fiber lasers and systems. But their U.S. office was growing quickly, and they needed both a creative office space and a clean room for their lab space. And fast. We were happy to step in to make it happen.


Their Goals

  • Work on a tight timeline
  • Create a creative office space + clean lab space
They needed a place to work quickly, so everything was quick ship but they still wanted great quality as well as a variety of other lines to meet their design, budget, and timeline.
— Alex Hayes, Workplace Consultant, Hyphn


Alongside NKT Photonics leadership and Allyson Strowbridge of CTRL+SHIFT+SPACE, we employed a variety of lines of furniture to complete a cohesive space that meets all their needs and keeps up with their growing size and global reputation. Now, there are spaces to facilitate desk and lab space as well as collaborative areas and private, head-down areas all subsumed within a small footprint.



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