In 2008, a group of pet-loving pharmacy experts decided to confront the issue of predatory websites that marketed dubious pet medications directly to pet owners and took business away from veterinary practices. They launched Vetsource® Home Delivery and put the control back in the practice’s hands. Now, more than a decade later, Vetsource’s technology and human-grade institutional pharmacy enable more than 8,500 practices to offer the medications and food their patients need. At the same time, practices benefit from increased revenue, improved compliance, and better client relationships.  

Through collaboration with LRS and JLL, Vetsource chose Hyphn to partner with them for their new Corporate Headquarters. Vetsource was interested in creating an open office environment that allowed for the quick expansion of their team but also supported different kinds of work styles. Open plan workstations, offices, more traditional meeting rooms, casual collaboration areas and a dog friendly work space were selected with the intent for each work style to be productive and comfortable in the new office. By allowing their people the choice and control of their physical space, Vetsource has been able to find a place for each person.

Hyphn facilitated a pre-occupancy Workplace Satisfaction Survey which allowed the project team to move forward with clear goals to address issues. The survey helped Vetsource leadership understand the needs of their people by removing guesswork and ultimately gave them the ability to measure results. Six months after moving in, the Vetsource staff were surveyed again and the results were staggering when viewed against their own benchmark. 


Their Goals

  • Plan for company growth

  • Create more employee choice & control

  • Reflect brand and culture in the space

  • Measure success

“Hyphn was a great partner that worked with our team prior to moving into our space to find the spots that needed to be fixed. After our project was completed they re-engaged our people to find out how the space was working for us and allow us to iterate on future workplace concepts. They took the time to understand our company culture and what makes Vetsource unique. Hyphn was also able to create a variety of work environments that would serve different needs of our staff.”
— Erynn Fearn, Project Manager Vetsource
vetsource boardroom


“In our open collaboration areas, more staff are coming together in an impromptu and spontaneous way. Plus this area helps separate workstations creating variety throughout the building.

Also, not enough can be said about our quiet room, this relaxed, casual room with lounge seating has created an environment where staff feel welcome to separate themselves from their standard workstation and engage in deep, concentrated work. The quiet room has been a favorite addition to our building.” - Erynn Fearn, Project Manager

Based against the benchmark of the Vetsource pre-occupancy survey, the post occupancy results yielded a growth of 16% in employee choice and control scores. Vetsource’s overall workplace satisfaction score also grew by 10%. These scores and the comments received from employees shows the value in a relationship that allows for problem solving in the workplace.

Through a consultative process that included Vetsource, JLL, LRS and Hyphn, a space that speaks to culture, brand, and the importance of employee satisfaction and wellbeing was created in the new corporate headquarters. This space gives Vetsource the option to grow with their company needs and give their employees the choice to work in a way that is best for their style.



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