WellHaven Pet Health

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WellHaven Pet Health helps veterinarians and their teams succeed both personally and professionally. They value their owner veterinarians and encourage them to stay with their own practices. WellHaven focus’ on personal growth, practice support and life balance provides the framing of the relationship they want to have with our doctor leaders.

In 2018, Bainbridge Design approached Hyphn to assist with WellHaven Pet Health’s new office space for their startup that had an open and modern feel. WellHaven teams now have the ability to collaborate while still providing individual privacy.


Their Goals

  • Open & Modern Feel

  • Attract & Retain Talent

  • Allow for collaboration between departments

With this being a new space, we had needs to be collaborative but also have personal work spaces. Multiple small conference rooms in combination with our large conference room really gave us the flexibility we needed. Having a personal work station as well as areas that allow multiple people to engage has worked out better than expected.
— Brad Loucks, Director of Real Estate & Construction


"Do the research on the quality and the customer service. In this day and age you rarely get both. Hyphn has exceeded my expectations in both categories,” says Brad Loucks.



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