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Hyphn + VetSource

In 2008, a group of pet-loving pharmacy experts decided to confront the issue of predatory websites that marketed dubious pet medications directly to pet owners and took business away from veterinary practices. They launched Vetsource® Home Delivery and put the control back in the practice’s hands. Now, more than a decade later, Vetsource’s technology and human-grade institutional pharmacy enable more than 8,500 practices to offer the medications and food their patients need. At the same time, practices benefit from increased revenue, improved compliance, and better client relationships.  

Hyphn facilitated a pre-occupancy Workplace Satisfaction Survey which allowed the project team to move forward with clear goals to address issues. The survey helped Vetsource leadership understand the needs of their people by removing guesswork and ultimately gave them the ability to measure results. Six months after moving in, the Vetsource staff were surveyed again and the results were staggering when viewed against their own benchmark. 


We're a Proud  Steelcase Partner

Born in 1912, Steelcase has spent over a century assuming its position among the very best in innovation and collaboration. Their commitment to creating a better world for people at work closely mirrors ours, and we've proudly done business together for nearly a quarter century.


New Work. New Rules.

Make room for modern tribes.

Have you noticed? Familiar patterns of office work are being upended as the race toward innovation intensifies. In organizations around the world, most of our work is now matrixed, project based and hyper-collaborative. It’s a fast-paced, active collision of ideas versus an orderly, linear sequence of individual contributions, more like a soccer game than a relay race.



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We’ve freshly emerged from the NeoCon whirlwind. And we loved every minute of it. Our Studio Design Director Shannon Ferrigno and Interior Designer McKenna Barnum represented Hyphn at the 51st annual event. Shannon is a downright veteran—she has immersed herself in the colorful chaos that is NeoCon for more than 20 years which made McKenna’s very first experience all the more fruitful. They returned to our PDX studio brimming with ideas and inspiration, much of which had a hand in fueling the following pages.

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