Strategic Services


From the second you realize a move is imminent to the first cheers in the new space, we can help facilitate a seamless transition so your business doesn’t skip a beat and you end up in an office that’s full of life and creative energy.


Workplace Change Management

Human nature is naturally resistant to change, but our thoughtful process marks the difference between a beautiful, resolute new space and one that incites resistance. We are also a champion for Steelcase-led applied research and consulting which can assist with any large-scale change management efforts you may have.



Space Planning and Furnishings Design

Taste is subjective. Good design is not. We can marry the two to create a space that’s at once beautiful and perfect in action. Our expert interior designers and space planners work with you to create visually stimulating spaces that compliment your brand and culture and functions with purpose.



A/V Technology Integration

The right furniture and design is nothing if not for smart, seamless technology. We provide A/V integration that inspires productivity. These functions span from display technology to room scheduling and sound masking technologies. The possibilities are endless.



Workplace Engagement Survey

Happy employees make for a productive workplace. By taking the time to survey your people to see how certain aspects of your space affect them, we can start to make changes that keep them comfortable and engaged. We can then compare the results of your survey to 14,000 others to see how you measure up and can improve.



Space Sensoring & Analytics

Steelcase Workplace Advisor can empower you to measure the effectiveness of your space and improve it based on actionable, accessible data. It then collects and analyzes information, providing you with meaningful insights about how your people work and how the workplace can help.



And More

• 3D Renderings of Realistic Space

• Animations of Kit of Parts

• Virtual Reality Walkthroughs

• Architectural Modular Wall Specification

• Renderings with Custom Fabrics & Materials

• E-Procurement Integration

• Financing Programs

• Steelcase Applied Research + Consulting Brandscaping



Operational Services


Moves, Adds, Changes

Our work doesn’t just end once we have installed the new space, nor does it begin only when our clients need one. We are able to add to and change your existing space in ways that compliment what already exists or reimagine from the ground up.



Install and Service

We boast the longest-tenured install and service team in Portland with experience in furnishings, technology, structural wall units, and more that allow for a self-contained install experience. All the while, our service team can keep your space perpetually looking like new.



Project Management

From simply overseeing the installation of a third-party design to overseeing a complete project cycle, our project management team can be the trusted teammate in your corner. Each of our PMs are adept in project management methods and concepts, project management software, product application, product specification and ordering protocols, trade coordination, project estimation and product installation.



Product Procurement

Picking the right furniture—for anything from a renovation project to selecting a new furniture standard—can be a challenge. With so many variables and options, we can help you navigate the ins and outs of furniture procurement all while keeping a sharp eye on your unique business goals and objectives.



Asset Management

When it comes to keeping a clear focus on your bottom line, proper management of surplus furniture inventories has become more important than ever. Controlled administration of your storage product can help to forecast moves and new purchases more accurately, reduce wasted time and resources, and positively impact your capital budget.



And More

• Warehousing and Asset Management

• On-Site Facilities Management

• Maintenance and Service Programs

• Warranty Repair

• Relocation Project Management

• Product Customization & Specification



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